Monday, April 27, 2009

Scary weekend yet Creative Monday

Having had an interesting weekend. By interesting I mean scary. On Saturday my friend Matt got into a motorcycle accident. The way my husband(Eric) explained it to me I thought he had internal bleeding and needed surgery. He has a broken hand and bad road rash all over his body. See Eric had a motorcycle which I only agreed to because of Matt's convincing. Now that I see what can happen I'm not so sure I want Eric to get another motorcycle. Matt is lucky to be alive and all they can do is joke about it. I don't think its funny at all. They wouldn't be joking if he died. I'm glad Matt is OK and very thankful it wasn't Eric. I guess joking is their way of dealing with it.

OK now that I got that off my chest back to me! I have been creating like crazy. My Creative Flow is gushing out of me.

As you can see my work space is a mess like always! The Tree of Life you see in the picture is my all time favorite painting I have done. I like the darkness to it but yet the glitter and glossy paint gives it the uplifting feeling too. I love mixing opposites together. Here is up close pic.

Now I have this other painting and I feel its not done yet. But I just don't know what else to do. I don't know what to call it either.

It needs something. I know it will hit me just when is the question. I would love some ideas on what I should title it. I was thinking "Let Within Flow" or "Let the Beauty In Out" What do you think? What should the title be?

I also finished a necklace which I can't decide to put it on my etsy shop or keep it. One of the reasons to keep it would be because my camera sucks and I can't get a good picture of it. I keep telling Eric I need a new one. His reply is "sell some art and you can buy one yourself!" His so cute!

I leave you with a favor. This week let all the people you love know how thankful you are to know them. This life is too short to hold grudges or be mad for long periods of time. Who knows what tomorrow brings!

Thank you for reading



  1. I love the tree of life! Such a great talent!

  2. Wow Tara, I love the new Tree of Life painting. The colorful one reminds me of under sea creatures of some sort. I love the bright colors.

    Love the sentiment of your favor at the end of your post. ♥


  3. Thanks I so glad you guys love the Tree of Life one as much as I do. Sometimes I get scared that I'm the only who like my art!!LOL

  4. Thanks for your comment Tara. I really like being around so many talented artists - they are so inspiring! BTW 0 I've live in the UK for 20 yrs now - so I'm told I have an English accent by my American family. If ever the native accent slips out, my kids (born & bred here)tell me off for saying the word wrong. :)

    Look forward to seeing more of your work on your blog!

  5. My son was going to get a motorcycle and I told him I would slash his tires and pull out all the wires every chance I got. Lucky for me he never did get one.
    The tree of life is really nice.

    I don't know what kind of camera you have but if you can step further back and THEN zoom in. That helps with my close up pictures. If I stand close and take a close up it never looks right.