Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a moment with my source

After doing some yoga, while mediating I had a moment with my source( Higher Power). It was very insightful and yet hard to explain too. I was sitting there thinking of affirmations to concentrate on. Like I love myself, I am worthy. But they were hard to say so instead of stopping and taking a shower. I explore them more. I opened the door of open-mindedness a little more. That's when it happened. A voice in my head said,"You are loved, you are worth, why do you not believe this?" I in return I thought," I haven't done enough. I never have done enough to feel enough. I need to do more to be worthy, to be loved, to be enough." The voice spoke very low and replied," There will always be more. More love, more worth, more kindness, more hate, more ugly but all you can do right now is enough. You have been though enough pain, enough ugly, enough hurt. You deserve every great, exciting, wonderful, blissful thing that comes your way. Take it and feel enough. You are enough just the way you are. You are enough!" I was so filled with emotions that moment I had to cry. I did and it felt wonderful to let it out. To realize that all I have is enough to give in the first place is very eye opening for me. My new favorite word is enough!

In this moment do you feel enough, do have enough, do you want enough? For such an easy word it means so much.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Poetry Tuesday

Looking at the clouds after the rain.
Feeling the presents of something from above.
Inhaling the sweet aroma of wet jasmine mixed with fresh cut grass.
Amazed with the beauty of white, gray and blue.
Taking the moment to enjoy the peaceful stillness of life.
Seeing how the sun underneath the clouds still
lights just enough of the sky to be in Aha.
Wondering how can there not be a Higher Power
with a sky as blissfully serene as this one.
Knowing this is the exact place to be centered.
Wanting this clarity all day, every day.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Delightful Monday

Do you have those kind of people in your life where the world could be blowing up but they are acting like its no big deal just smelling the roses? In a book I have been reading this lady has no money, her husband gambles all their money away and they have moved more times then she can count. But yet she writes letters to her family as if the world is a wonderful place. Yes she does tell them there is no money and husband is gambling again but still she tells them about the warm weather, the beautiful sunshine, the dew on the grass, the lizards that come out to lick the dew off, her roses that are holding up in the heat. Its pure poetry the way she describes everything and yet she focuses on the beauty not the ugly.

I have met only a few people this way and I wish I still kept in touch with because this is who I aspire to be. I want to be able to focus on the beauty rather them the ugly. Isn't that so messed up that its easier to be consumed by the bad then the good. I really hate that about me but hey I'm trying to change baby steps!!LOL Well on my day of aspiring I took a walk. Trying to focus on the beauty and stay in the moment.

I really loved my walk. It helped me open my mind and let go of a lot of stuff that has been dragging me down. I have started week two in the Artist's Way and I really like how its going so far. There is a lot of homework and writing but I never thought this would be easy. Its good for me too keeps me busy during the week. Well hope everyone had a great Monday. I leave you with a new affirmation I pick up "The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention."

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Trusting my talent

Letting my talent take over me and not forcing I have created two new paintings still in process but I'm stoked where its going. Lately I have been getting this bursts of ideas. I think I'm going to start making a journal of ideas. So when I have a block I can just go into my bag of tricks and pull something out of the hat!

I have also been enjoying being a kid. My daughters are great helpers with that!! My husband does it all the time just jumps in and plays with them like his a big kid too. I forget about fun and it is such a relief to just let it go. Let all the have tos and shoulds out the door and just enjoy yourself. Don't worry about all the grown up stuff and just have fun! I want to be a kid again!
Anyways here are the new creations!

Then next is an update of one that I couldn't decide what to call and really didn't know what else to do with but some how it pushed its way out with a lot of headaches and me almost throwing it away. We made up and everything is better! Its called "Shoot for a Star"

Its almost finished I really am amazed how much better I feel about it. I will be so relieved when I'm finished with this one.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. Hope you have a wonderful day and know how much you are loved. Its the hardest but most rewarding job in the world!



Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Artist Way

OK I'm back with a more up beat mood! Last Friday I was at the book store tiring to find some new reads! I'm lost without a book on my night stand. I flipped through tons of books. There was this one about lifting the vile on God and looking at the reasons why people believe in him. It was interesting but way too much scientific jargon. I love a good mystery or romance but nothing tickled my fancy so I wondered over to the self help books. Which I use go to first to see if there is any new books on co-dependence. I found this wonderful book called the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. Its about finding a spiritual path to higher creativity. I think this is what I have been needing to deal with my spiritually lows. So far I love all the exercises in it! The morning pages are my favorite. I love how it says to treat your artist like a child and have fun with it. I take my artist too seriously. Like its this old retired man that only likes to smoke pipes and read old books! My child artist wants to dance, make a mess and sing out loud. I took a bubble bath last night and played with my kids bath toys while I bathed. It was so much fun! I need more fun in my life and if anything that is what this book has taught me so far.

If anyone has read this book then please let me know what you thought of it. I leave you with this for this week let your child artist play and have fun! Do something you would never do in your adult life ever! Like skip in the park or build a sandcastle on the beach or play in the bath like a kid! But you have to do it by yourself only you and your child artist no one else. Try it believe me you will what to make this a weekly thing!

Thanks for checking me out!