Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Insightful Friday!

On my Friday, which is the best day off the week because I can do me all day long! Love it! I went to CoDA like I always do and then I went to surprise Carmen at the Art & Wine Promenade at Nancy's Vieux Carré. It was so much fun and her art looked so awesome.

It was such a nice night out. The weather was wonderful and people were danceing all over the place. I think the wine tasting that was going on help with that. It felt good to go there and support my friend. I'm so happy for you, Carmen!

Here is some of her beautiful creations! The pictures don't do them justice. When you see them in person you just want to touch it with all the texture there is. Very Cool!

The day was great. I can totally feel and see the hints the universe is telling me. I love feeling like I am exactly were I need to in life. Not rushing what I want or trying to control the way things turn out but just living in the wonderful and powerful moment of the NOW!!


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  1. Thank you SOOOO much for coming out to support me last night.