Monday, June 8, 2009

What's New Monday!

The first new thing that I want to talk about is the Treasure Coast Women's Art Alliance that Carmen started. I loved going to her house and breathing in the creative air that was smoking out everywhere. I don't know what it is about being in a room full of creative women but it is so wonderful and inspiring. I had my reserves going at first because I'm not one of those people who can just make friends anywhere I go. It takes time for me to be comfortable around people and even longer to make friends. The amazing thing was that it was so laid back and easy to fit right in even though I already knew Carmen and Lauren it was nice meeting everyone else and having some girl time. The next women's art group is June 27th at Carmen's. If you live in the area and want some girl time with a creative flare then come and join us!

My friend Lauren is the featured artist for Treasure Coast Women's Art Alliance. She paints sea shells, rocks and coral. Its amazing at how small she can paint and the little saying that she comes up with are so cool! She is giving away one of her creations so go check her out!
I have finally started on this 3 painting project for my friend Matt. I just got the backgrounds done but as I was working on them last night so many ideas are coming out. I had dreams about what it looked like when it was finished. I'm loving this new challenge for me. I have done a lot of research too. The reason for the research is because Matt wants an Asian theme to it and I have never done any thing like that before. So I had to look up all Sorts of stuff like Geisha, swords and cherry blossoms. Here are some sketches of what I going for.

Yes, I know the exposed breasts are a bit much but he is a guy!!LOL Breasts are really hard to draw too. Getting them to match is so hard!

I really liking this project, I know have said that a lot but I do! And the fact that it brought me back to sketching is a wonderful bliss. Going back to my first love the pencil!

Well thank you that read this and I hope you all have a blissfully great Monday!



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  1. Wow Tara, I love the backgrounds so far for Matt's painting!