Monday, May 11, 2009

Delightful Monday

Do you have those kind of people in your life where the world could be blowing up but they are acting like its no big deal just smelling the roses? In a book I have been reading this lady has no money, her husband gambles all their money away and they have moved more times then she can count. But yet she writes letters to her family as if the world is a wonderful place. Yes she does tell them there is no money and husband is gambling again but still she tells them about the warm weather, the beautiful sunshine, the dew on the grass, the lizards that come out to lick the dew off, her roses that are holding up in the heat. Its pure poetry the way she describes everything and yet she focuses on the beauty not the ugly.

I have met only a few people this way and I wish I still kept in touch with because this is who I aspire to be. I want to be able to focus on the beauty rather them the ugly. Isn't that so messed up that its easier to be consumed by the bad then the good. I really hate that about me but hey I'm trying to change baby steps!!LOL Well on my day of aspiring I took a walk. Trying to focus on the beauty and stay in the moment.

I really loved my walk. It helped me open my mind and let go of a lot of stuff that has been dragging me down. I have started week two in the Artist's Way and I really like how its going so far. There is a lot of homework and writing but I never thought this would be easy. Its good for me too keeps me busy during the week. Well hope everyone had a great Monday. I leave you with a new affirmation I pick up "The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention."


  1. Tara! I too, am inspired by these people and strive to not be so ho-hum on a day-to-day basis. But it's so easy to get wrapped up in all the negative.

    Thanks so much for posting on my blog! My project is going to be a work in progress, but like your artist's way exercises, it will give me that something positive I need to occupy my time outside of work.

    Good luck with your journey! And thanks so much for being a part of mine!

  2. Great post Tara and such food for thought.

  3. Excellent post. Reminds me of how I keep saying I will start a gratitude journal and not dwell on the negative stuff.

  4. Beautiful pictures! What a lovely thought to focus on the beauty instead of the ugly.